Much More Than Pain Relief

Dr. Maria’s core focus is helping people improve their overall health for the long run rather than a quick fix to temporarily relieve pain. This is how she has developed her practice, instilling this way of thinking to her entire team.

One significant difference with Dr. Maria’s Chiropractic Wellness Center is their specialty in using the Atlas Orthogonal procedure. The Atlas is the very first vertebrae (bone) at the top of the spine and is the “doorway” between the brain and the the body’s communication. At the LC Wellness Center, they adjust the Atlas to the precise degree it needs to be for each individual using state of the art equipment seen in very few chiropractic offices. This is important because when the Atlas is correctly in place, it creates a situation in which the other vertebrae will correctly line up in the spine. This makes it possible for your nervous system to function at it’s best improving your overall health.

When you go to Dr. Orozco’s Living Chiropractic: Wellness Center you will have a thorough evaluation which includes health and lifestyle analysis, nervous system scan, and x-rays all leading to an extensive conversation with Dr. Maria. She knows that the better she gets to know you, the better she can treat you. This is why 90% of the people accepted as patients get great results. You see at Dr. Orozco’s Living Chiropractic: Wellness Center you will get the truth about your condition and whether they can help you or not. That’s right. If they don’t think they can help you, they will let you know up front so you don’t waste your precious time and money on chiropractic treatments that will not benefit you.

It doesn’t stop there. As Dr. Maria often states, “It’s about choices.” Dr. Maria’s Living Chiropractic Wellness Center provides a plethora of information, products, services and resources from sound nutrition to stress reduction. Each visit offers an educational opportunity in which you are encouraged to make choices towards improving your health and to take control of your life.