“You have truly changed our family for the better. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and for being the wonderful caring person that you are! ” – Read More

I have to write you this note; I couldn’t go another minute with out letting you know my feeling since I started using your professional services.

On Saturday, July 28th my body had a train wreck; I laid in unbearable pain until the following Monday. On Monday the 30th my wife helped me to your office, were your staff had to carry me in for my first treatment by your magical hands. A side from trips to your office, I laid in bed for 17 day’s and didn’t move; I lost 19 lbs. My wife and children had to perform the simplest of tasks for me as I broke out into cold sweats on a minute by minute basis due to the pain. My medical doctor had prescribed pain pills and gave my demurral shots, told me to lie in bed for a month and the x-ray showed there was nothing wrong with my back, and that eventually I would be able to get up and move. Your treatment has been much different; in a very short span of only 30 days your treatment has given me my life back. I have not taken so much as an aspirin for pain, where before I would consume six to eight, 800 mil. Ibuprofen a day. The biggest change for me has been what your treatments have done for my attitude toward life; I’m fully engaged and have a passion and appreciation for living that I haven’t had in many years.

This short note does not do justice for your loving care; of not only me, but for my family as well. It is with sincere appreciation and thanks that I share these thoughts with you. May the sun always shine brightly on your sprit as you continue to change people lives.

“…If you are looking for a good place to go and get care for your problems, don’t look any further. Here, they make you feel like part of their big family. Your health is in GOOD HANDS!”

“I came in after an auto accident. I had a stiff neck, sore shoulders, sore wrist, and a sore knee. Now my shoulder and wrist pain have decreased and the soreness in my neck is gone.”