Three months ago I came to your office after speaking with you at a networking meeting about some of my very serious medical problems that have been plaguing me for about 3 years. We spoke about how my medical doctor was at her wits end as to the causes of my anemia and severely low blood sugar. No matter what I did, eating 5 small meals a day, carrying glucose with me etc my sugar levels would never be higher than 40 or 50 and that would only happen right after eating food. Of course normal blood sugar is around 100 and on average mine would be in 20s which is extremely dangerous. My doctor was very concerned about my sugar levels and had me keeping detailed food and drink journals in combination with my accu-checks to see how food and drink were affecting my sugar levels. The doctor was seriously considering putting me in the hospital for a series of blood transfusions to bring up my numbers in regards to my anemia and also she wanted to put me thru some tests for my low blood sugar (very expensive tests I might add)

There was virtually no rhyme or reason for my sugar levels to be so low nor a reason for my anemia. I felt otherwise healthy and there was nothing in my past medical history that could point to why this was happening and why it was so severe. Sometimes I would be driving my car and I would feel my sugar levels bottoming out so fast that I would feel dangerously light headed. My two sons, ages 7 and 12, became very tuned in to my sugar levels and would often see the color drain out of face and know that Mom’s sugar was going down fast. The boys often didn’t eat all of their snacks at school so they would have something in their lunch boxes to give me while driving because my sugar would plummet that quickly. It was becoming dangerous for me to even drive my car! This was no way to live but my doctor had NO answers for me and there was nothing for me to do or even UNDO to make things better. I was eating and drinking all the right things and unlike people with high blood sugar levels, there is no medication that will “fix” me.

Enter Dr. Maria‚Ķ. After having your scan and X-Rays, you adjusted me once after we saw how far off my body was in regards to my pancreas which is where insulin is produced. Obviously I was over producing insulin which wiped out my sugar levels. I went home that day, truthfully not expecting much because at that time, my way of thinking was that chiropractors only helped people with bad backs. Of course, I immediately got busy with my life, my kids, my job etc and it wasn’t until several days later that my 12 year old son saw me eating a banana in the middle of the day and asked, “Mom, is your sugar low?” and I flippantly answered him, “No, I’m just hungry, why?” At that moment, it hit me that my sugar had NOT been low in DAYS!! Not a single time, not in the morning when I woke up not in the middle of day nothing. On Monday, I came back to see you to report how incredible I felt! Setting up my schedule to come in to be adjusted was great and as of this date, my sugar levels continue to be perfectly normal. My doctor was astonished to the point that we re-ran my blood tests and more astonishing is that my blood levels in regards to my anemia are also completely normal as well. I know this is a long letter I’ve written but I can’t tell you how much your treatment of me has meant to me! I now have a normal life again! My children don’t have to worry about me which is very important to me, I take care of them not vice-versa.

One more point though, on your suggestion, I had you evaluate my two boys, one of them has chronic ear infections (and I mean chronic- at least one ear infection every other month- which meant antibiotics for at least 7-10 days each time for the last 5 years and that is WITH surgical tubes in his ears) and my older one has chronic nosebleeds (at least two a day and more than that during allergy season). Well since you have started adjusting them, neither of them have been sick, no nosebleeds or ear infections. More importantly, no missed days of school or me having to miss work taking care of them at home because they are sick! While different illnesses have gone rampant in their schools, in the past I could guarantee that one of them would be sick, however, now, neither of them have caught a single cold, stomach flu, strep throat etc that in the past they would catch just by showing up to school.

My entire family has been deeply affected by me being ill these past few years as I am the main caretaker for the family. I am so glad that met you and that you are now my chiropractor! No more do I think of chiropractors as just “those people who fix bad backs!” You have taught me a great deal about my pre-conceived notions with just that first adjustment!

I wanted to write you this to tell you how much my family and I think of you-you are truly an asset to the chiropractic field! You have truly changed our family for the better. Thank you so much for taking such good care of us and for being the wonderful caring person that you are!