Our philosophy is that human beings experience stress in three dimensions: the physical (be fit), bio-chemical (eat right) and psychological (think well) dimensions of your life. In order to move toward total wellness, all three dimensions must be addressed at the same time. Living Chiropractic Wellness Center utilizes the Creating Wellness System and Well Net software to do this. Creating Wellness has combined the latest scientific technology with the most advanced measurement and motivational program ever developed.

One of the most unique aspects of the Creating Wellness tool is that we are able to measure how you respond to stress and how this is effecting your well being. The assessment is comprehensive and a wellness quotient (WQ) is calculated. We can determine if you are aging properly according to your chronological age or if you are aging prematurely. Then we pinpoint areas to focus on and customize a wellness program to meet your specific needs and to slow the aging process.

Together we will monitor your progress. Each assessment will show efforts of your determination as you achieve a higher level of lifetime wellness. On the wellness continuum there is no standing still. Each day you move toward either wellness or illness.

It is our privilege to help you move toward wellness!